HETSA 2017 cordially invites all those interested in the history of economics and the contest of ideas to submit a paper to the conference

Submissions will be refereed, on a rolling basis, and on the basis of full papers. (They may be in draft stage!)

Papers should be submitted via e-mail to William Coleman at

The deadline for submission is Friday 11 August 2017.

It is the firmly established tradition of the conference that it be single-session, and of two days length. That puts an upper limit on the number of papers, and obviously presents to would-be presenters the  danger of missing the boat. Prudence recommends submitting earlier rather than later.

Papers on any aspect of the history of economics are encouraged. Papers concerned with biography of economists will be welcome. Papers from related disciplines  – such as economic history, the history and philosophy of science, and the history ideas – that intersect with the history of economics will be favourably considered.

Proposals of sessions – comprising three papers – are also welcome.