A Call For Papers.

HETSA 2017 cordially invites all those interested in any aspect of the history of economics to submit a paper.

Papers on all dimensions of the history of economics are encouraged: we welcome doctrinal, biographical, autobiographical and institutional history; both ‘rational reconstruction’ and ‘contextual’ approaches;  ‘the history of economic analysis’ as well as the ‘the history  of economic ideas’. Papers from any related studies  – such as economic history, the history of economic policy, the history and philosophy of science, and intellectual history – that intersect with the history of economics will be favourably considered.

Submissions will be refereed, on a rolling basis, and decided preferably on the basis of  paper drafts  (completed papers are OK too!), or the associated Power Point presentation.

Papers/presentations should be submitted via e-mail to William Coleman at

Proposals of sessions – comprising three papers – are also welcome.

The deadline for submission is Friday 11 August 2017.

Prudence suggests submitting earlier rather than at the last minute, as it is the well- established tradition of the conference that it be single-session, and of just two full days in length. This puts an upper limit on the number of papers, and obviously presents to would-be presenters some  danger of missing the boat.

We look forward to your submission!