Draft Program


8.00-830             Registration

8.30 -8.45            Introduction


Adam Smith in the Australian Colonies

An Australian Echo of Speehamland

The Economists and New Zealand Population: Problems and Policies


10.15-10.35                   Morning Tea


The Separation of Political Economy from Theology in 19th c Britain

John Malcolm Ludlow, Christian Socialism and Economic Thought

Methodological Implications of Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of Human Nature: Why Should We Modify the Concept of “Economic Man”?


12.05-1.00           Lunch

[The HETSA AGM will take place 12.20-1.00]




Classical Economic Theory Explained


The Educational Thought of N.W. Senior: The Relationship of The Poor Law Amendment Act and Education

Trades Unions, Bargaining Theory, and Classical Economics: Mill’s ‘Double Recantation’ and the Role of Prudence and Social Duty

Cuckoos in the nest? Section F of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1835 – 1890


3.05-3.30  Tea


Schumpeter on Money, Credit and the Price Level

“It is Pronounced Oiler” and other Misconceptions Arising from Deploying Euler’s Homogenous Function Theorem to Prove Product Exhaustion


4.30-5.30  Journey among the Catallaticists

5.30-6.30 [Nothing scheduled]

6.30-7.00  OPH Members Bar

7.00-9.30  Dinner OPH




Charles Wickens: the Commonwealth’s second statistician and first economist

Edward Dyason, the ‘Businessman Ideologue’ and His Sojourn with the Economists, 1914-1939

L.F. Giblin’s movements from 1890 to 1909


Richard Downing’s public advocacy for reforms to pensions and superannuation


10.15-10.35                   Morning Tea


Keynes, Public Debt and the Complex of Interest Rates  Dynamics and Statics in Keynes’ Mature Economics

John Maynard Keynes, Joan Robinson and the Prospect Theory Approach to Wage Determination

Integrating Statics and Dynamics in Keynes’ Economics


12.05-1.00           Lunch


[The History of Economics Review Editorial Board will meet 12.20-1.00]




Keynes’s Influence on the Design of the Australian Monetary Policy Framework

The Coming of Keynesianism to Australia

Robert Menzies and Economic Liberalism

Trevor Swan in India

John Crawford, Development Economics and India


3.05-3.30            Tea


If you build it, they will come: communicating infrastructures and the development of Australia’s economic history field

Writing a history of Australasian economic thought


4.30-5.30    Hayek’s Intellectual Development: Is it Relevant to Today’s Problem-Situation?